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Tornado (TNO)

TNO Shoe N-Step 25G

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Floor Hardness

Tornado slide-on grinding shoes, N-step segment, 13 mm height.

Diamond-impregnated metal bond grinding shoe segments. N-step segments are optimal for the fast removal of thin, flaking coatings such as epoxy, and also the aggressive removal of concrete, with a higher surface area to increase longevity. 13 mm segment height. Designed for improved life and performance when matched to the correct concrete hardness.

All shoes are RediLock-style profile and will fit most popular machines such as Husqvarna, Worx+, Tornado, and AusKut. 

Available in a variety of metal bonds. See the below table for available combinations. Floor hardness is inverse to metal bond.

25G S, D S, D S, D S