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Sundström (SSM)

SSM Mask Respirator SR 100 P3 R Kit

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Sundström half-face respirator, P3 reusable kit.

Silicone half-mask negative pressure respirator with excellent fit and very good breathing comfort. Two covered exhalation valves provide minimal breathing resistance, while the wide elastic head strap with large dished crown plate ensure a comfortable and safe fit. Mask body and pigment are approved by the FDA and BGA for foods to minimize the risk of contact allergies.

Includes SR 510 low resistance mechanical particle filter with protection against all types of particulate pollutants, SR 221 prefilter pack, cleaning wipes, plastic storage box with handle, and serialised ID tag with barcode.

Available in three sizes.

  • Weight: 224 g
  • Pressure drop at 30 L/min: 45 Pa
  • Service temperature: -10–+55 °C
  • Filtration efficiency against paraffin oil: >99.997%

Download respirator data sheet.
Download filter data sheet.
Download Perfect Fit sizing guide.