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Sundström (SSM)

SSM Mask Filter Particle P3 R SR 510

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Sundström particle filter, type P3 resusable.

Low resistance mechanical particle filter with protection against all types of particulate pollutants. Designed for use with Sundström half and full-face masks. Particle filters may be combined with gas filters to obtain combined protection against vapours as well. Frontmost filters should always be combined with prefilter SR 221 to extend the life of the filter. Particle filters fitted to half-face masks are only classified as P2 filtration, regardless of the filter's rated performance; for P3 protection a full-face mask must be used.

  • Weight: 44 g
  • Pressure drop at 30 L/min: 40 Pa
  • Service temperature: -10–+55 °C
  • P3 filtration efficiency against paraffin oil: >99.997%

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