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Sundström (SSM)

SSM Filter Gas ABEK1 Combination SR 297

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Sundström combination gas filter, type A1B1E1K1.

High absorbtion filter with protection against type A organic vapours with boiling points greater than 65 °C, type B inorganic vapours, type E acidic vapours, and type K ammonia and certain amines. Designed for use with Sundström half and full-face masks. Gas filters may be combined with particle filter SR 510 P3 R to obtain combined protection against aerosols as well. Frontmost filters should always be combined with prefilter SR 221 to extend the life of the filter.

  • Weight: 160 g
  • Pressure drop at 30 L/min: 85 Pa
  • Service temperature: -10–+55 °C
  • A1 resistance time against C6H12 1'000 ppm: >110 min
  • B1 resistance time against Cl2 1'000 ppm: >30 min
  • B1 resistance time against H2S 1'000 ppm: >60 min
  • B1 resistance time against HCN 1'000 ppm: >40 min
  • E1 resistance time against SO2 1'000 ppm: >25 min
  • K1 resistance time against NH3 1'000 ppm: >65 min

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