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Sika (SKA)

SKA Formol Release Agent 10L

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Sika® Formol Eco Recycled Mineral Oil-based Formwork Release Agent 10L

Formol Eco is a chemical release agent applied to concrete formwork which contains a mimimum of 90% recycled mineral oil.  It is designed to act as a bondbreaker between formwork or moulds and freshly placed concrete. Formol Eco protects both steel and timber formwork since it acts as rust inhibitor and waterproofer.


  • Effective on both steel and timber moulds
  • Allows for fast and easy striking of formwork
  • Very economical and easy to apply through conventional spray equipment
  • Highly stable during placement and vibration of concrete
  • Does not stain or contaminate the finished concrete surface
  • Regular use will help to reduce the incidence of rust on steel moulds

Where to use

Formol Eco can be used as a general purpose release agent on construction sites.  It can be applied to formwork or moulds made of timber, steel or fibreglass. Formol Eco has been found to assist in protetcting the equipment used in the concrete industry, a thin coating layer of Formol Eco on agitator bowls, wheelbarrows, shovels etc will make them easier to clean.  

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