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RLA Polymers (RLA)

RLA Fastset C Repair 20kg

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Fast Setting Repair Mortar for Concrete Pavements and Floors.

Fastset C is a pre-packed cementitious mortar specifically formulated for the quick and reliable repair of damaged concrete pavements and industrial floors. The specially selected cements and hard wearing aggregates contained in Fastset C allows the application of large areas with exceptional adhesion to concrete and masonry materials with negligible shrinkage. Fastset C may be used as a trafficable topping for existing concrete surfaces.


  • For repairs of both small and large localised patches
  • Repairs of concrete roads and pavements, warehouse flooring and ramps
  • Maintenance repairs of areas 12 mm to 50 mm in depth of one layer
  • Repairs of concrete floors, overlays and concrete spalling
  • Repair and patching of damaged or worn concrete
  • Areas that require minimal traffic and floor disruptions
  • Areas of floors that may be exposed to high levels of abrasion and impact


  • Exceptional bond strength to concrete substrates
  • Internal or external applications
  • Pre-bagged eliminates any on-site mixing variation
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Excellent workability
  • Easy to use- simply add water and mix
  • Accepts pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • May be coated with Aftek range of protective coating
  • Internal or external applications

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