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Oxtek (OXT)

OXT X220 Moisture Fix

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X220 Moisture Fix is a single pack one application spray on system designed for existing projects with high moisture content. Providing improvements to both compressive and tensile strength of the concrete to which it’s applied with significant reduction in the formation of shrinkage cracks. This penetrative moisture barrier system reduces the extent of mechanical preparation of the substrate prior to the installation of any coating or flooring systems. Existing concrete substrates can commence with topically applied flooring or coating installation 24 hours post treatment or after 14 days if applied at time of concrete placement.

  • Densifies, hardens and waterproofs concrete
  • Designed for existing projects with high moisture content
  • Can be applied by pour and broom/spread on existing concrete
  • Can be applied to existing concrete if clean and porous
  • Doesn’t form a membrane—after trade friendly
  • System included in AS1884-2021 Floor Coverings - Resilient Sheet & Tiles - Installation Practises
  • Environmentally friendly, HACCP Certified—low odour, low VOC
  • Warranties of up to 15 years, supported by project specification and robust QC and QA procedures

Available in 5 and 15 L drums.

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