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Oxtek (OXT)

OXT X260 Medi-Vet SteriTouch

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X260 Medi-Vet with Antimicrobial is a single pack one application spray on system that deeply penetrates new or existing concrete. It provides curing, permanent waterproofing and deep matrix resistance to moulds, fungi and microbes. X260 Medi-Vet system included in AS1884-2021. It provides an effective moisture barrier for impervious floor coverings and coatings.

X260 Medi-Vet with Antimicrobial is an internal water barrier that sets up a durable gel within the capillaries and voids. Applied as 100% colloidal liquid it penetrates deeply into concretes matrix reacting with the alkali left over after hydration (calcium hydroxide) and the unhydrated or partially hydrated cement particles promoting production predominantly of calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) and 100% colloidal silicate, permanent, complete gel. In effect it makes the concrete structure impermeable giving integrity and longevity.

PLEASE NOTE: Over burnishing the concrete will impede the penetration of X260 Medi-Vet.

  • Durable protection from bacteria – Proven control of E.coli and Staphylococcus aureu – MRSA
  • Makes concrete impermeable, increasing longevity.
  • Cures, Densifies, Hardens and Waterproofs up to 200mm
  • Ideally applied as a cure at time of pour by spray but can be applied to existing clean porous concrete
  • Acts as an internal moisture barrier for Floor coverings and Topical Coatings
  • Application of Vinyl & Topical Coatings 2 weeks after pour
  • Complies with AS1884-2012 Floor Coverings-Resilient Sheet & Tiles – Installation Practises
  • Environmentally Friendly & HACCP Certified – Low Odour – Low VOC
  • A 15 year warranty can be provided with a project specification. Product must be applied by a trained
  • applicator (training complimentary)
  • Increases tensile & compressive strength.
  • Retards efflorescence & Shrinkage cracking