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Oxtek (OXT)

OXT X280 Densi-Proof Reo Protect

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A  single application spray on system that deeply penetrates new or old concrete. Provides curing, permanent waterproofing and protects the steel reinforcement from corrosion. Using this product at time of pour as a curing compound, will provide significant long term benefits for any structure and will reduce maintenance.
X280 Densi-Proof Reo Protect is an internal water barrier that sets up a permanent gel within the capillaries and voids. Applied as 100% colloidal liquid it penetrates deeply into concretes matrix reacting with the alkali left over after hydration (calcium hydroxide) and the unhydrated or partially hydrated cement particles promoting production predominantly of calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) and 100% colloidal silicate, permanent, complete gel. In effect it makes the concrete structure impermeable giving integrity and longevity.

PLEASE NOTE: Over burnishing the concrete will impede the penetration of X280 Densi-Proof Reo Protect.

  • Designed for high corrosion areas
  • Cures, Densifies, Hardens and Waterproofs
  • Will purge contamination from existing concrete
  • Prevents or greatly retards any existing or future corrosion
  • Enhances surface traction quality
  • Increases acid/chemical resistance