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Metabo (MTO)

MTO Grinder Guard Cutting 5" CED Plus

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  • Extraction shroud with plunge function and optimised flow channel for particularly low-dust cutting both indoors and outdoors
  • Compact construction form table can be removed without tools for more flexibility when working close to walls and improved visibility for freehand cuts
  • Cutting depth can be adjusted without tools. Max. cutting depth for freehand cuts is 27 mm, with table 25 mm, with precision guide rail 20 mm
  • Robust sheet metal table for tilt-proof operation. Connection for dust extraction Ø 35/41 mm
  • Anti-static plastic prevents electric charging and dust accumulations for a constantly high suction power
  • Large, coloured operating elements for simple, tool-free adjustment, even when wearing gloves
  • Sheet metal table with guide rollers for easy, precise feed. Protect delicate surfaces from scratches.
  • Enables the use of a Metabo precision guide rail for cuts with great precision
  • Scope of delivery incl. nut with two holes 5/8" and M 14.
  • Cordless angle grinder: Suitable for W..18 LT BL 11-125, W..18 LTX BL 15-125 Quick
  • Mains-powered angle grinder: Suitable for all Metabo angle grinders Ø125mm, except W 650, W 750, W.. 850, WQ 1000, W 1100, W 1150, WP 1200-125 RT, WEV 1500-125 RT, WE 1500-125 R


Cutting disc Ø: 115 / 125 mm
Maximum cutting depth: 27 mm / 1 1/16"