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Makita (MKT)

MKT Rebar Tier 18V DTR180 + 2x3Ah Kit w/ Tie Wire Pack 0.8mm 5pk

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  • Includes 2 x 3.0Ah batteries, rapid charger & carry case
  • Suits D10 x D10 - (D13 x 2) x (D13 x 2) rebar
  • 6 Stages of tying strength
  • Compatible with Makita 0.8mm annealed wire reels
  • Continuous actual mode for efficient continuous tying

* Uses a secondary brushed motor

Applicable Bars D10 x D10 - (D13 x 2) x (D13 x 2)
Overall Length 304mm
Skin weight 2.0kg
Tie Wire 0.8mm
Voltage 18V
Weight (with battery) 2.6kg

Information Booklet

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