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MasterFinish (MFH)

MFH Machine Trowel MF446 46" GX270 (PRICE ON APPLICATION)

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The MF series trowel machines are powered by genuine Honda motors and come with a smooth pitch control for even finishing. This machine also features an emergency engine kill for operator safety if handle is released during trowelling, a lifting bar, a lifting hook, and a chrome guard for ease of cleaning.

  • Weight: 116Kgs
  • Engine: Honda GX270
  • Blade Type: S46-18P \ D46-2P
  • Path: 46"
  • Fuel: 4-Stroke
  • Power: 4.1Kw
  • Horse Power: 9Hp
  • Capacity: 270cc
  • Engine Speed: 3600rpm
  • Motor Oil Level: 1100ml
  • Gearbox Oil: 220 Grade Gear Oil