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Mapei (MAP)

MAP Plastimul 20kg

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Mapei Plastimul bitumen waterproofing emulsion.

Bitumen-based, postitive-waterproofing adhesive emulsion to prevent ingress of water against masonry surfaces, or act as a bonding agent for insulating materials. When mixed with cement and aggregate, Plastimul can be used for minor repairs in asphalt paving subject to light traffic. Apply in several layers until the desired thickness is required.

Application depth: 1.5 mm per layer, recommended minimum of 3 mm final thickness
Approximate consumption: 0.5 kg/m2 when used as a primer, 1.7 kg/m2 per mm of thickness of film applied on a flat surface
Mix ratio: 1 L'/kg of Plastimul as a primer, neat as film on a flat surface
Packaging: 12, 20 kg drum

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