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Mapei (MAP)

MAP Mapefix VE SF 300/420mL

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Mapei Mapefix VE SF vinylester chemical anchor.

Styrene-free vinylester resin fastener suitable for all full or perforated substrates. Specifically formulated for anchoring steel and zinc-plated steel bars to cementitious and stone substrates. Specific also for anchoring metal bars in tension and compression in areas at risk of siesmic activity. May be used in permanently damp substrates in areas of high chemical aggression and at temperatures down to -10 °C.

Start setting time at 20 °C: 6 minutes
Final hardening time at 20 °C: 45 minutes in dry substrates, 90 minutes in damp substrates
Compressive strength after final hardening: 100 MPa
Consumption for injection: varies, see technical data sheet
Component ratio: pre-packaged
Packaging: 300, 420 mL cartridge with mixer

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