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Mapei (MAP)

MAP Mapefix PE SF 300/420mL

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Mapei Mapefix PE SF polyester chemical anchor.

Styrene-free polyester resin fastener suitable for all full or perforated substrates. Specifically formulated for anchoring steel and zinc-plated steel bars to cementitious and stone substrates. May be used in damp substrates and at temperatures down to -5 °C.

Start setting time at 20 °C: 6 minutes
Final hardening time at 20 °C: 45 minutes in dry substrates, 90 minutes in damp substrates
Compressive strength after final hardening: 75 MPa
Consumption for injection: varies, see technical data sheet
Component ratio: pre-packaged
Packaging: 300, 420 mL cartridge with mixer

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