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Mapei (MAP)

MAP Planiseal MR Kit 10L/20L 2pc

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Mapei Planiseal MR 2-part epoxy primer and moisture barrier for green or damp substrates.

Extremely versatile water-based epoxy primer and protective coating to resist and prevent moisture transmission through mineral substrates. Suitable for application directly over damp surfaces and freshly installed green cementitious substrates. Excellent positive and negative hydrostatic pressure resistance. 

Pot life: 1-2 hours
Recoat time at 20 °C: 2-4 hours
Final hardening time: 7 days
Consumption: 0.3-0.4 L/m2 per coat
Component ratio: A:B 1:1
Packaging: 10 L kit & 20 L kit

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Download safety data sheet for Component A
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