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Hoppt (HPT)

HPT Machine Trowel High-Ride HRT168-M 2x36" GX690

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The smallest Hoppt HRT168-M Rider incorporates the same high-quality construction and features found on the larger models. The HRT168-M is perfect for smaller jobs and tight spots. These ride-on trowels are solid, basic, dependable machines that will outperform your expectations. Desirable design and operational features are standard, with basic accessories such as blades, pans, and trolley are all readily available.


  • Twin 36” 4-blade spiders designed to fit on those smaller slabs and tight areas
  • Proven & durable heavy-duty gearboxes and 4-blade rotors
  • Seat-controlled safety shutdown switch
  • Retardant tank with powered spray nozzles
  • Hoppt dual manual steering levers
  • 4 halogen work lights (front and rear) and built in cup holder


  • Dimension LxWxH (mm): 1'969 x 1'033 x 1'409
  • Rotor Diameter (mm): 914 (4-Bladed Spider)
  • Panning Path Width (mm): 1'808
  • Operating Weight (kg): 333
  • Steering: Manual Dual-Lever
  • Fluid Tank Capacity (L): 23
  • Engine Option (4 stroke): Honda GX690 @ 16.5 kW