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Flextool (FTL)

FTL Machine Trowel Blades Finishing 4pk

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Flextool Combination Blades are designed for operators who wish to use one blade for both floating and finishing applications. During the initial stages of power trowelling the blade is set flat and is used for floating, as the slab firms up the blade pitch is increased to produce a smooth finish.

Flextool Finishing Blades are designed to produce a smooth and polished finish to the concrete surface. After the slab has firmed up, blade pitch is increased to a greater angle resulting in a smooth and polished finish.

Machine Model Compatibility Rotor Diameter
inch (mm)
Blades Per Rotor Product Code Product Description Blade Size (mm) Blade Size (in) Blade Weight (kg)
FT34, FT34-2 34 (865) 4 FT201823 Trowel Blade Finishing 150 x 325 150 x 325 6 x 12.75 4.70
FP436, FP436D, FP440,
FP836, FP836-2, FP836-3
36 (915) 4 FT220414 Trowel Blade Finishing 152 x 355 152 x 355 6 x 14 4.80
BFT40, FT40-2 40 (1015) 4 FT201824 Trowel Blade Finishing 150 x 375 150 x 375 6 x 14.75 5.90

FP446, FP846, FP1046-2,
FP1046-3, FP1046-H

46 (1165) 4 FT220410 Trowel Blade Finishing 152 x 460 152 x 460 6 x 8 6.20