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Easymix (EMX)

EMX Mixer Forced Action 120L

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The EM120 Paddle Mixer runs on a single-phase voltage engine. Its ergonomic designed frame
increases maneuverability, including its ability to fit through narrow doorways.

Equipped with multiple exchangeable mixing paddles, the EM120 makes the perfect mix in 3-5 minutes. Also features a bag splitter for ease of pouring, telescopic legs for discharge into a bucket or wheelbarrow and small wheels on the back which allow for ease of loading in and out of vehicles.

  • Engine Type: Single Phase Voltage (110/240V)
  • Dimensions(L x W x H): 800mm x 680mm x 1270mm
  • Weight: 90kgs
  • Size: 120L
  • No. of Paddles: 4