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DeWalt (DEW)

DEW DeWalt Battery Charger 18V

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Easy to use, quiet and exceptionally stable, this DeWALT charger plugs directly into the wall. It features a built-in diagnostics system with an LED indicator that communicates battery charging, battery charged, power line problem, replace battery and battery too hot or cold to charge.


  • (4A Charge Rate) DEWALT 2 stage charging system
  • Diagnostics with bright LED indicator communicates battery charge status: charged, charging, power problem, and battery too hot or too cold conditions
  • Wall mountable


  • Voltage 10.8/12, 14.4, 18, 18/54 V
  • Charging current 4.0 A
  • Charging Time 30 (2.0Ah) min
  • INCLUDES: Charger only