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DeWalt (DEW)

DEW Grinder Guard Cutting 9" DWE46229

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230mm Angle Grinder Concrete Cutting Guard

  • Plunge cut feature allows for complete dust free cuts in all materials
  • Depth adjust stop allows for tooless, easy and accurate depth adjustments
  • Blade visibility window offers user clear view of blade and workpiece during cutting

Product Overview

High performance cutting guards for professional dust free concrete cutting applications on the toughest jobsites. Available in 230mm to fit most DEWALT angle grinders they allow users to plunge cut into all materials accurately with built-in depth control.

Additional Features

  • Stamped steel base offers additional unit durability
  • Base mounted wheels allow for smooth cutting on rough surfaces
  • Rotatable dust extraction port ensures dust hose does not obstruct cut line in application
  • Large dust next allows for maximum dust and debris extraction without getting clogged


  • Concrete & Stone Cutting


Product Weight [Metric]
1 Kg